For last six years, Spotify has let its users avail right music for any moment or mood at their fingertips. It has made the best use of the P2P technology, for delivering innumerable songs to its subscribers from different countries, in a matter of seconds. One can instantly play a music file on their laptop, computer, tablet, etc. without any buffering or lag. 

The End of Golden Ear of Availing the Right Music Anytime & Anywhere

For Sportify, it has been a cakewalk to conquer the hearts and minds of innumerable music lovers all across the globe. What more could they have asked for than helping their customers with the right music for partying, working out, relaxing, anytime and anywhere?

The company contents a huge user base with the option to stream billions of tracks without any delay, supported by or free of occasional ads. They let their users enjoy everything just for a small subscription fee. However, this efficient arrangement of P2P technology for easy accessibility of songs is going to be over soon. There are announcements from the company officials that they are soon going to end their dependence on the P2P networks.

It’s with a strong user base from 61 different countries that the company grabbed the top position with the heavy reliance on the efficient P2P technology. Here, it’s worth mentioning that for long, Spotify has been one of the greatest P2P networks all over the internet.

How Important P2P Has Been For Spotify?

Spotify has always relied on the P2P technology to ensure and guarantee its subscribers easy accessibility to any song that could be played without any delay or other such issues. The technology has been the heart and soul of Spotify’s success, and for its popularity among the music lovers.

It's only with the P2P technology that the company could save huge amount of profits due to the reduced reliance on central servers. Besides, it also allowed them to scale up their services instantly, and that too without needing to invest enormous funds on bandwidth and servers.

Needless to mention, this way the technology has helped the company save millions of dollars per year. In a nutshell, you can say that the P2P technology has been quite an indispensable part of Spotify’s profit making strategy and for its incredible services to its subscribers.

The Final Goodbye to P2P Technology

The company has finally decided now to discontinue its dependence on the P2P technology, and it will rely on merely the central server. As per the company officials they are now in a position to ensure power music delivery to their subscribers through their own growing number of different servers. They have ensured that the users will still get the best-in-class services, the way they have always been.

Though there are numerous alternative options for the users to adopt. One of the rising networks that is believed to have lots of potency, is Extra Torrent, known as one of the best P2P websites. Besides that, there are some more to name, like isoHunt or Torrentz. Extra Torrent's search is known for giving the most related results for users in that field.

Music lovers from the different corners of the globe have always loved sharing tracks and playing them seamlessly with Spotify. Now, this departure of the company from P2P technology is going to mark and end of the existing era of course. However, the company and its officials are more than confident and dedicated to serve their subscribers the way they have always been.