Piriform is a software provider that makes worldwide computers run in a safe, clean and speedy manner. It has a wide range of optimization tools that maintains performance, enhance security and lengthen the valuable life of your computer hardware.

Piriforms award-winning product portfolio comprises of:

• CCleaner

• Deflagger

• Recuva 

• Speccy


Piriforms optimization tools are designed for both home and business use.

CCleaner download automatically deletes browser tracks all the time, when your Internet browser shuts down.


CCleaner’s capability

• Protects your web browsing confidentiality by deleting passwords as well as temporary online files.

• Eliminates the traces of files you have already removed by safely cleaning free disc space.

• Information not needed or is incorrect is removed from Window registry.

• Memory loads are reduced and boot time speeds up by allowing you to spell out, which programs should start automatically with Windows.

• You can uninstall software easily even if your Windows control panel will not allow you to do it.

• Duplicate files are traced and deleted to recover space on the hard drive and de-clutter the PC.

• Manage your cookies.


Deflagger’s abilities

• Hard drive gets cleaned up by defragging

• Defrags an entire drive, one folder or an individual file

• Defragments all the free areas and gathers them into one large free-space

• All files are placed together on one hard drive section speeding the PC

• Operates from USB drive


Recuva’s power

• Recover files from formatted or damaged discs

• Recover deleted emails or iPod music

• Restore unsaved Microsoft word documents

• Quick start button helps you to get files right away

• Deep scan allows finding files deeply buried in a minute

• You can permanently erase traces of your deleted files

• Portable version of Recuva is available to use it on the go

• Supports all the current Window versions and more than 32 languages


Speccy’s abilities

Speccy gives you detailed information on each and every hardware part installed in your computer including -

• Motherboard



• Hard disks

• Graphic cards

• Audio support

• Optical drives

• Temperatures of different components (helps to detect any issues)


Why do you need Speccy?

No doubt Speccy is for advanced users, but normal users also find it to be helpful.

You can get an idea on how many slots are there in your computer and how much memory already exists. Therefore, you can purchase an appropriate memory card - add to what you got or replace it.

If you want to buy or sell a PC, Speccy quickly supplies the component list your computer system has.

In case, you ask for technical support and the kind of video card installed then with Speccy, you get information instantly on the screen, which can be deciphered easily. You need not go searching about Windows. 


System requirements

CCleaner, Deflagger, Recuva and Speccy are efficient programs that are compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, XP and Vista.